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ATIXA Responds to the Verdict of the George Floyd Trial

TNG, together with our associations ATIXA and NABITA, welcomed the news yesterday afternoon that the jury in the George Floyd trial decided that Black Lives Matter. Yet, the fact that it takes evidence this compelling to produce a conviction that was so uncertain until the moment it was delivered speaks volumes about how challenging justice can be to achieve in America in 2021. 

The people in the streets as we write this are not celebrating. They are measured, expressing relief, and honoring the life of George Floyd while holding space, as TNG does, for all those who lost their lives because of the color of their skin and who never had this kind of opportunity for fairness and accountability. 

While this is a far better outcome yesterday than a failure to convict, we cannot let this be an anomalous result. Accountability needs to be the norm until people of color can occupy their cars, homes, the public square, the country lane, the city street, and all of their customary walks of life with the same feeling of safety that white people do. This is their right.

We also feel it is important to recognize that the historic result yesterday would not have been possible without the willingness of police officers to police their own, speak truth to power, and break the code of silence that has shielded too many for too long from the consequences of police misconduct. 

The way that the family of George Floyd has conducted themselves throughout this ordeal is a model of grace, perseverance, and determination. TNG is touched by their humanity and sends them our condolences and our thanks. Their sacrifice will forever change our nation. 

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ATIXA – Civil Rights Professionals Safeguarding the Civil Rights of Others

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